A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging?™
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About A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging™
A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging™ literacy tool was created to guide students through the process of actively engaging with text.  A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging™ uses strategies that are color coded so students can work on specific text based skills and strategies one at a time.   This interaction increases reading stamina and promotes text recall because students are given a purpose for reading.

Students interact with the text by using the color and strategy specific text marker to make connections, prompt questions, or make them aware of when they simply want to comment on the text.  

​With much practice students will eventually be able to identify important characters, cite evidence, answer text based questions, and make meaningful connections independently.  
A.R.E. You is packaged with 100 color coded  flags.  Flag refills are available at an additional cost.