A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging?™
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A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging™:
  • Assist students in using same text based strategies at home.
  • Helps prompt book talk with parents.
  • Color coded strategy system helps parents in discussing books, articles, and homework assignments.
A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging™ provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their children while they are completing schoolwork or when they simply reading for pleasure.

Parents Can:

  • Encourage your child mark correct responses in text as they read

  • Prompt your child to make at least two connections as they read

  • Have your child identify and mark characters as they encounter them.  Follow that up with having your child explain their character traits and why they are important to the text.

  • Parents can ask their child to find the details in the text that support the main idea.  Have your child discuss those details and explain why they are important.