A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging?™
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A.R.E. You Actively Reading and Engaging :
  • Empowers teachers of all content to embed literacy strategies and practices into their instruction.
  • Prompts teachers to notice students who may have challenges engaging the text.
  • ​Helps create a school wide culture around literacy.
"Good readers are engaged actively in what they read."  
 Dr. Sharon Faber, author, How to Teach Reading When You're Not a Reading Teacher

Students will:
  • Engage with text using multi-colored strategy system
  • Mark answers to text based questions before they write final responses
  • Identify and mark characters of newly introduced text 
  • Mark claims to justify an argument

Teachers will:

  • Challenge students to make independent connections in the text.
  • Engage students in Accountable Talk to bring the text further to life.
  • Empower students to engage during independent reading time.